Handmade & Local Jewelry Designs

A one-of-a-kind person deserves jewelry with the same unique character. Browse our gallery of local & hand-made pieces online and find more in our downtown gallery.

karen reiss.jpg

Karen Reiss Staub

York, PA - Sterling silver handmade designs inspired by nature, made in-house at The Watchmaker’s Daughter.

lotus line.jpg


Timonium, MD- This line is hand- crafted in Maryland . This sterling silver and gold filled collection has a broad range of bohemian and classic styles to suit everyone.

nancy jane jewelry.jpg

Nancy Jane

Elizabethtown, PA - Contemporary jewelry designs mixed with organic components and made locally.

caywood stone jewelry.jpg

Bill Coppard

Lodi, New York - Stone jewelry from The Finger Lakes. These necklaces and earrings are earthy, lightweight and easy to wear.

deanna Fields.jpg

Deanna Field

York, PA - Sterling silver shadow box designs Inspired by nature.


Karen paust

York, PA - Inspired by nature and her love of botany, Karen designs amazing works with beading, knitting, sewing, and sculpting.


Yugen Tribe

Emmitsburg, MD - Inspired by outer space, these handmade creations with authentic pictures are out of this world.

Vanessa Gade jewelry.jpg

Vanessa Gade

San Fransisco, CA - Inspired by architecture and guided by love of modern design, Vanessa’s collection is rooted in traditional craftsmanship.



Trinidad, CA - This collection preserves naturally expired, beautiful and fragile butterflies in hand crafted sterling silver. These are precious gifts from nature made wearable.

patti Millington jewelry.jpg

Patti Millington

York, PA - Hawaiian- inspired designs in sterling, copper, and gold-filled. From York and now living in Hawaii, Patti is known for hand forging metal over lava rock to create organic forms.


Al Herner

York, PA - Locally created, hand-turned wood ornaments and earrings.


Liquid light glass

Santa Fe, NM - Hand-blown Wabi Sabi glass vases from a contemporary glass studio offering world class glass art.