Custom Jewelry Design

Karen loves assisting customers with designing & customizing the perfect piece of jewelry.

“I can help you create a one of a kind engagement ring or turn a little rock into a piece of jewelry you can cherish forever. I can also help you re-design that old antique piece of jewelry into something modern that you can wear everyday of for a special occasion like a wedding. I also strive to respect my customers needs. No request is too strange - I’ve turned bones into a key chain, pacemakers into pendants, and rocks into wedding bands. I can also get ethically mined diamonds, lab created materials, and recycled metal if you have concerns about being environmentally conscious.”


Jewelry & Watch Services

  • Watch Repair & Service

  • Jewelry Repair & Appraisal

  • Corporate Gifts

  • Purchase of Gold, Silver, Estate Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, & Watches

  • Engraving

  • Gem Identification

  • Pearl Stringing

  • Jewelry Cleaning and Checks



We are so excited to begin hosting workshops and classes in our upstairs studio space. We offer workshops and parties for people interested in learning basics of jewelry making and metalsmithing. This is your chance to fall in love with something new and express your creative side— we all have one.

Check out our Workshops page to see what’s coming up. Our staff, guest jewelers, artists will be sharing their skills so that others can discover their passion. If you are interested in hosting your own workshop in our space, please fill out this form.


Event Space

Rent our event space! Fits 10-20 people. Contact us for rates.

Perfect for:

  • Kids Parties

  • Girl Scout Parties

  • Girl’s Night Out

  • Couple’s Night

  • Birthday Parties

  • Private Learning & Workshops

  • Paint Nights

  • Homeschool Groups

  • Family Activity

  • Team Building


Bench Rental

If interested, please call 717-848-1066 or email to inquire about our bench rental program. We ask that you be experienced in jewelry making prior to renting bench time or suggest refreshing your skills with some of our offered workshops.

If our bench rental program seems intimidating but intriguing, we can offer supervised assistance on a case-by-case basis.